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Why Us?

We seek to make investments in companies where the core competencies of management can be leveraged using the skills of the Principals and the resources of Textile Management Associates (TMA).

  • We recognize that many of these companies will have a limited number of strong managers (i.e., good at what they do but with limited “bench strength” to support the future growth of the company). This will create an ideal situation for us to support the company’s growth while supporting and expanding the existing management team.

Our affiliate working relationship with TMA allows our portfolio companies quick access to significant business resources including: financial, accounting, human resources, information technology, logistics, sales, marketing, and other management consulting services.

  • These resources can be provided on a contract basis until the portfolio company’s growth allows it to employ the necessary resources on a full-time basis.
  • Additionally, having qualified individuals available to assist in the development and implementation of special projects will aid in the growth of the portfolio companies.

We expect to hold our investments in portfolio companies for 6 to 8 years. This investment horizon is longer than that targeted by most private equity funds.

  • This allows management to capitalize on the company’s long-term organic growth and allows for multiple acquisitions which can be completed over a period of years and sufficiently integrated into the business to fully realize the growth and operational leverage or synergies generated by these add-on acquisitions.

We have significant experience working with smaller, growing companies, and we understand the daily issues they face.

We have the ability to provide both equity and mezzanine financing to support our acquisitions. This, along with the TMA resources for due diligence, should lead to faster closings.