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Investment Approach

We are focused on achieving exceptional long-term investment returns. To achieve this goal, we must invest in proven, growing companies and partner with talented management teams who have shown their ability to direct and grow successful companies.

Our focus will be on providing these individuals with the resources they need to reach our mutual goals. These resources will include financial support, operational consulting, and assistance in long-term planning. The level of our involvement will be determined by the needs of the business and through regular interaction with management. Our goal is to assist management in achieving their long-term growth plans while allowing them to operate their companies on a day-to-day basis without intervention or interference.

Investment Holding Periods

The Fund is looking to hold its investments in portfolio companies for 6 to 8 years. This investment horizon is longer than that targeted by most private equity funds. This longer investment horizon demonstrates the Fund’s willingness and ability to support the portfolio company’s management in their long-term organic growth. It also highlights the Fund’s ability and willingness to supporting multiple acquisitions which can be completed over a period of years and sufficiently integrated into the business to fully realize the growth and operational leverage or synergies generated by these add-on acquisitions.