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Target Investments

The Fund will seek to make control investments in lower middle market manufacturing, distribution, or service companies located in the Southeastern United States.


Target companies are expected to have between $1 and $5 million of EBITDA.

Target companies are expected to meet most of the following criteria:

  • strong, qualified managers who have shown that they have the skills, knowledge, and desire to grow their companies;
  • minimum of 5 years of business operations;
  • strong market positions in solid, proven industries;
  • useful products or services;
  • consistent growing EBITDA;
  • opportunities for organic growth; and
  • significant opportunities for growth through horizontal or vertical acquisitions.

The Fund will seek to make investments in target companies where the core competencies of management can be leveraged using the skills of the Principals and the resources of Textile Management Associates.  We recognize that many of these companies will have a limited number of strong managers (i.e., good at what they do but with limited “bench strength” to support the future growth of the company).  This will create an ideal situation for us to support the company’s growth while supporting and expanding the management team.